You should always do your own research and be familiar with the risks involved. If a team exit scams, you will lose everything on your investment, the responsibility is YOURS. By participating, you confirm the following:

  • You understand the details of the pool investment deal
  • You will invest based on your own research
  • You are familiar with the risks of investing through a private sale.
  • The address you contributed with will be the address you receive tokens unless the project is cross-chain where you&pos;ll insert the address into a form
  • You have given your own address in order to receive the tokens

Are you considered a US Person?

What do we mean by US Person? Any person meeting at least one of the following criteria: The individual has citizenship or a valid residence permit (Green Card) in the U.S.;The individual’s tax residence country is the U.S.; The individual was born in the U.S.; The legal entity or individual has a phone number with a U.S. country code; The residential or correspondence address of the individual is in the U.S. (including a P.O. Box in the U.S.); A Power of Attorney has been issued to an individual/legal entity with an address in the U.S.

By entering into any deal offered on Unimaxpad you confirm the following is true

I have never been adjudged bankrupt

I have never been subject to any investigation by a governmental, professional or other regulatory or statutory body

I have never been a director, shareholder or manager of a business entity which has been the subject of any investigation as aforesaid, or which has been adjudged bankrupt, compulsorily wound up or has made any compromise or arrangement with its creditors

I have never been convicted of any criminal offence in any jurisdiction (other than a minor offence in connection with the use of a motor vehicle) and no criminal proceedings were instituted and/or are pending against me in any jurisdiction

None of the funds (USDT, USDC) that I will contribute to the Company further to the Public Token Offer has been derived from, or related to, any activity that is deemed criminal under the laws of any applicable jurisdiction No contribution made by the Investor to the Company and no allocation of Tokens to the Investor from the Company shall cause the Company to be in violation of The Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010 in Ireland, and the (EU) 2015/849 - Fourth Money Laundering Directive, Regulation (EU) 2015/847 on information accompanying transfers of funds. I declare that the information and/or documents provided during this KYC-AML process is true and correct according to my best knowledge.

I hereby fully understand that providing false information is treated as a criminal offence.


By entering into any of the deals on this site you confirm the following:

  • I conducted due diligence on the project and I am investing based on my own research.
  • I understand that this investment can carry the risk of total or partial loss of funds.
  • I understand that this investment will not guarantee tokens receipt and I can be refunded.
  • I understand that the tokens price and / or vesting schedule may change due to circumstances that do not depend on the pool organizer
  • I understand that tokens distribution may take up to 24 hours after TGE (in majority of cases it happens before listing or no more than 1-2 hours after it)

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